Trust Your Wingman

Here’s the story
Barry, John and Mark and Bob begin jamming. Songs begin to take shape amidst the musical chaos. Various other musicians come by to jam. Barry helps to arrange the ideas. Marty joins on drums and elevates the music. This is the beginning of Fly The Wreckage. And of course with some relationships there is struggle. Barry’s long term relationship with his partner ends during this period as he meets his soulmate Andrea. Then Mark and the band part ways. And the band continues on.
Songs frequently reflect the experiences and feelings Barry is having. Bob begins to record the songs adding valuable critiques. John contributes song ideas. The studio and Fly The Wreckage move from St. Clair township back to Port Huron. By now many songs have taken shape. New songs form quickly at the new location while others fall away when they don’t gel. Lee and Greg are hired to play guitar tracks and do an amazing job. Again another personnel change as Marty parts ways with the band. And still the plane flies.
What you have here is 3 years of emotion, music and artistic expression from souls who continue to fly even though their wings may show signs of wear. Fly The Wreckage is inspired by the desire to overcome adversity. It’s never too late! Even when you’re down you’re not out. History is full of stories about those who overcame obstacles in the final hour:

“Never give in. Never give in. Never never never never! In nothing great or small, Large or petty. Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”
Winston Churchill

“Over?!! Over?!! Nothing is over til we say it’s over!!!”   (Comical yes but perhaps an accurate depiction of those who really know who the pilot is.  You decide.)
John Belushi

And What if everything goes right on your flight?
Fly the Wreckage

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